Your Next Cycling Destination


Located in the heart of Durham Region, Ocala is ideally situated to plan your next cycling adventure. The variety of the gravel and paved roads will simply outstand you!  Drop in the winery as you pass by for a refreshing tasting of red, white, fruit or dessert wine.  Even better, start and finish your cycling adventure at the winery capping your day with Durham’s finest local wine and scenery.

The hottest trend in cycling now is gravel adventures.  The gravel roads surrounding Ocala are free from traffic, allowing you and friends to enjoy truly epic paths through forests and farmlands, easily accessing Durham’s quaint small towns and other landmarks.

To help you with your journey, we have teamed up with local cycling expert James Meloche.  James is long-time cyclist and Durham Resident, know widely for his photography and cycling exploits.   He has designed six exclusive routes for Ocala, all beginning and starting at the winery. These routes are designed for all types of rides, with a balanced mix of gravel, road and paths.  Using his local knowledge, these routes offer you simply the best rides the region offers. James has also helped us make Ocala ride friendly by helping us stock supplies of basic tools, pumps, spare tubes and more.

Great adventures, great food, and great wine – its all comes together here at Ocala!



Cycling Routes Around Ocala

These exclusive routes can be seen in greater detail with beautiful photos captured by James by clicking on the links provided with each.



La Crescent – 30km (Easy to Intermediate)

The route takes on the classic Chalk Lake road climb, and fun descent down 4th Line. This balanced route is 60% gravel and remains on quiet roads. It provides a perfect option to get away with cyclists of all skill levels who just want to spend some quality time in the countryside.




The Holstein – 36 KM (Easy to Intermediate)

A very pleasant tour of some of the best gravel and paved roads in Durham. Perfect for a sub-2 hour ride on a weekend afternoon or summer’s eve. The route does have a few challenges, so that you will feel well deserving of a glass of wine to cap of the day!




Golden Plum – 52km (Intermediate)

A balanced route of gravel and pavement also offers lots of ups and downs! There is a small section of single track near Uxbridge that is easy to navigate.  Its a wonderful route with a great finish through Chalk Lake to the winery.




Northern Spy – 75km (Intermediate)

The route is 60/40 gravel to pavement, and thanks to the section of rail trail, less hilly.  Well, that is after the climbs that comes early in the day! The first section brings you across some of the nicest horse farms of Durham.  Then, once past Uxbridge, the rail trail takes the rider to Beaverton where there is coffee and snacks.  You can skip this part by continuing on the rail trail until Sideline 12.  The route will cut through Port Perry, offering another last minute option to refuel.   On this route, you will experience some of the wide variety of Durham Region.




The Marshal Foch – 86km (Advanced)

Ferdinand Foch was a brilliant French general of World War 1.  So it is fitting that this epic course will challenge the cyclist with a balance of gravel and pavement, with the infamous sand pit on Byers Rd.  With patience, the sand pit is both passable and memorable! You will just love the summer forest!  From this point it is a constant doses of rolling hills on very quiet roads – making this a journey that is befitting a general.  Don’t forget to pack some extra snacks because the stops are less frequent on this one.




The Marquette – 103km (Advanced)

This surely is the Mission! The route heads briefly east to explore the Purple Woods area, then back west through Chalk Lake. Have fun descending the 4th Line, as you will begin climbing back towards Uxbridge – a perfect place to refuel at 65km. A short trail will take you on the fast descent of the 6th line, only to have to climb 4th. The route takes a dive back east for a very short trail that empties out at Hy Hope Farms – should you need some sugar treats! The rest is easy sailing back to the winery. You will have deserved your wine today!




About James

Proudly from Durham, James is a recognized ambassador for the cycling community, health and wellness, and local sustainability. Through his photography and stories, he shares his relationship to cycling, his community and the natural environment, while exploring the fragility and resilience of the human spirit as it moves across the landscape. James’ photography is posted on Instagram @jamesonthefront.