Fresh fruit:

Harvest season has begun! We are excited to be picking our fruit from September 11th starting with the MCINTOSH. We've been getting wet weather this year but we're still seeing great colour from our apples, plums, grapes and pears.


We are grateful to be able to continue farming the land that has been cultivated by the Smiths for over 100 years and sharing the fruits of our labour with our customers.

George Smith exemplified the slogan “Show what you grow and share what you know” and we are honoured to continue his legacy.



In the Orchard:

We are happy to offer a good quantity and superb quality of apples - the pears even more so than any year in the past.



In the Vineyard:

Despite an awfully wet summer, we will be getting a decent quantity of grapes so expect more delicious wines in the coming year!