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Ocala Reds - Foch

Foch - Known for its deep, blood-like colour, Foch is a weighty off-dry wine that is attractive in its balanced character, making it a versatile red whether paired up with spaghetti dinner or for a sipping break.

Ocala Reds - Marquette

Marquette - With a fruity bouquet, Marquette has notes of black berries, blue berries and black currant and pairs well with a burger or sausage meal.

Ocala Whites - La Crescent

La Crescent - Marked by its deceptively pineapple-sweet bouquet, this wine gives a surprisingly crisp finish with flavours of citrus fruits and even lychee. Goes beautifully with chicken or any light meal.

Ocala Whites - Muscat

Muscat - Not to be confused with sweet Muscato, this Muscat wine is our floral, dry white that would pair well with your seafood meal.


McIntosh - Our new McIntosh wine this year has already proven to be a hit! Made with pure Mac juices and no sugar added, this wine takes after the apple in that it gives a bite of tartness that is immediately followed by a sweet finish. Pair this with your pork chops or sip it on its own.

Sweet Empire

Sweet Empire - One of our new dessert wines, this one is reminiscent of our iced apple wines without the syrupy characteristic. Have this with your Havarti, Gruyere and cheddar cheeses

Sweet Pear

Sweet Pear - Boasting a sugar code of 10, this is actually a gentle dessert wine, due to the mellow characteristic of the pear fruit. Delicate and delicious, have this with your cakes and desserts.