Anniversary Celebrations:

We are excited to be celebrating 20 years this fall, the winery opened to the public August 1995. The Smith family is also celebrating over 100 years of Agriculture at this location. George Smith purchased the Property in March 13th, 1913 for $ 5550.00. He established himself as a well respected farmer producing Potatoes and raising Holsteins and Sheep. As with many farms of the time Fruit Orchards were also a staple on the farm.

We are grateful to be able to continue farming the land that has been in our family over 100 years and sharing the “Fruits of our Labour” with our customers.

George Smith exemplified the slogan “Show what you grow and share what you know” and we are honoured to continue his legacy.



In the Orchard:

After a devastating hail storm that completely destroyed the orchard and vineyard crop in August 2014 the trees have recovered surprisingly well and the crop appears to be of decent size. There was major concern as the hail was so large it left large cuts in the tree bark that we feared they wouldn’t recover. Excellent pollination weather in May resulted in good fruit set and there wasn’t any serious damage from a late May frost. We have replaced several Honey Crisp trees that were blown over by the storm and have added more Wealthy and Cortland trees. Another new variety “Ruby Mac” has also been planted. We are looking forward to harvesting a crop this fall.



In the Vineyard:

The vines haven’t faired as well. The hail storm stripped all the fruit and leaves and the canes were quite damaged. In late August the vines started to produce new growth leaving them very weak this spring. There is a very light crop and we fear it will take another year or so for them to fully recover.